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Welcome, I hope you find a sense of home in this space. 

I have spent most of my life as a voyager, traveling through the terrain of "the who, what & why". I have navigated through the physical, the esoteric and the veil between. I say voyager because I believe this path has no real destination. We really are just helping each other find our "home".

I began my journey almost two decades ago, when I started feeling a desire to really know myself. The bread trail started in a hometown yoga studio where I was introduced to a deeper connection of self in the way of moving through & holding specific poses. A layer was peeled back and I needed to know more. In 2010 I became certified to teach yoga and continued my yoga education with multiple other trainings, completing over 1000hrs. of yoga education. 

For me, on this voyage, yoga was just the beginning.

I had many chronic health issues that had been ruling my life. I researched multiple healing modalities, to no avail. Ayurveda was introduced to me through Yoga and felt like the healing journey that made sense. What I did not know at the time is that Ayurveda is not just something you practice, its something you own in yourself that may have been forgotten along the way. Ayur Veda loosely translates to Ayur -Life & Veda-The science of, Ayurveda means the science or study of life. If you think about it, are we not all on the voyage of studying life?

Each and every client, every class, every training, every teacher has provided more tools in the old tool box or as I like to think of it, into the well of collective consciousness. 

My most valuable teacher has been mother nature, learning to listen to her wisdom has provided my family and I with an abundance of health & prosperity. I have been farming, foraging, creating & stewarding the earth for the past 2 decades, at least consciously! My partner & I use our collective skills of farming, biodynamics, permaculture & animal husbandry to create our wealthy little green island.

Our dream is to create a program where we weave our unique blend of skills into a comprehensive approach to green island farming. 


If you have landed here, it is on purpose. Maybe you are a seeker or destined to begin your own voyage. I am here to help you navigate that journey, wherever it takes you.


Welcome Home!

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Yoga Alliance E-RYT500 and YACEP Certified  by YogaWorks 200hr. & 500hr. program

Ayurvedic Health Counselor Certified through Shakti School

Ayurvedic Health Counselor Certificate through The California College of Ayurveda

Abhyanga Bliss Therapy Certified CCA

Ayurvedic Facials through CCA

Yoga Nidra Certificate through CCA


Finding balance in life is a delicate process, it takes the ability to see oneself, to ask for help & to use the tools we know.

My partner, Brit, and I have been creating a life where we balance our existence by the natural world & mimic that environment within.

 Mother Nature is the true teacher, we just try to listen.

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