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Ryan offerings are all curated to create balance in mind, body and spirit. 

Natural Herbs

Ayurvedic Counseling

One on One consultations to determine a plan of self healing. The practitioner guides the client through recommendations of lifestyle, diet & routine. Together creating the foundation of optimal health.

Woman in Hot Tub

Bliss Therapy

Mini day spa including three therapies; Abhyanga massage, shirodhara & pinda swedana. 3 Hour Session

*Not available at this time

Oil Massage

Abhyanga-Ayurvedic Massage: Oil Therapy

Traditional Ayurvedic full body massage using medicinal herbal oils specific to each individuals needs. 90 mins

Relaxing Massage

Therapeutic Facials

Traditional Ayurvedic Facial using medicinal herbal oils, handmade herbal masks, pinda swedana face treatment & marma point face therapy. 

Increases circulating, improves collagen  and exfoliates the skin, while creating a sense of ease. 
90min sessions

woman in towel

Svedana: Hot Oil Cranial Therapy

Traditional Ayurvedic Hot oil therapy. A stream of heated herbal oils pours over the forehead relaxing the mind & nervous system. Ideal for stress, anxiety, insomnia & hormonal imbalances.

*Not available at this time

Herbal Treatment

Swedana: Body Steam Therapy

Traditional Ayurvedic medicinal herbal steam therapy to nourish, moisturize,  and deeply relax the body & mind. Ideal to eliminate toxins, reduce inflammation, clear the energy channels, stiffness and beneficial for coughing.  

*Not available at this time


Yoga Private

One on One yoga practice designed to your specific needs.

Various styles include; Yin Yoga, meditation, pranayama(breathing techniques), restorative yoga, hatha yoga & vinyasa yoga. 

60-90min sessions 

Yoga Child's Pose

Yoga Group Privates

Specialized private group yoga classes.

Girl Gazing

Yoga Nidra

Guided meditation that brings you into a deep state of conscious awareness. 

Ideal for chronic fatigue, insomnia, chronic pain, trauma, stress & anxiety.

60 min session

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